Plain People




PLAIN PEOPLE began preparations in 2016 and will be listed in the fall of 2017. It is a design brand under the Shenzhen Ruyan Clothing Co., Ltd., which includes men's, women's and children's wear. PLAIN PEOPLE is trying to bring life back to our perspective, reflecting another way of thinking that young people in the new era have entered the post-modern society. Finding a combination of new hermeneutics which reveals amazing diversity in culture. Focusing on human and nature, innovation and technology, art and life. PLAIN ME and PLAIN LIFE are philosophical foundations that promote comfort, portability, functionality and fun. Emphasizing the leading role of human experience in design, focusing on the entertainment of design, and are aiming to achieve a beautiful balance between ready-to-wear and interest in design.


Brand positioning: future science and technology literary style

Starting from clothing, based on static clothing, cultural technology;

Follow the connection between clothing and consumers.

Explore new interactive experiences and new experiences between new generations and individuals.



Future: Future Research Exploration/Exploration of New Groups

Technology: A New Experience of Functional Aesthetics

Literature and Art: When Culture Meets Art