Laurence & Chico


Laurence & Chico

Laurence & Chico is a Canadian based womenswear and accessories brand founded in 2015 by Laurence Li and Chico Wang. The duo met while studying at Parson’s School of Design.

Inspirations are drawn from Laurence’s personalized illustrations depicting their daily lives, these personal illustrations and youth culture is combined with an emphasis on prints and the use of intricate handiwork. The illustrations show only Laurence and Chico drawn as two human characters, whereas friends and family are all characterized into animals, plants, fruits or vegetable figures. Laurence’s illustrations evoke a unique sense of humor with vivid colors inspiring Chico to use elements from such to create an imaginative, bold yet delicate prints and silhouettes for their collections. Laurence & Chico is defined by its fusion of street aesthetic and light-luxe craftsmanship. The attention to detail offers a sense of lighthearted innocence embodying a refined wearable ease.

The emerging brand was selected as a leading talent and participant for the Vogue Italia x’s New Talent in 2016. Laurence & Chico launched their Accessories collection in 2016 during their second season, Florist FW16.