HONOR is a trendsetting tech brand for global youth. HONOR strives to create stylish, high-performance products with cutting-edge design for young people everywhere. In 2013, HONOR was born in the Mobile Internet era, to meet the needs of the youth generation.

In the past 5 years, the brand has seen explosive growth, with unrivaled results in China and around the world, becoming the No. 1 E-brand smartphone in China. This success are the results of HONOR’s insistence to develop products with breakthrough technologies that are ahead of the industry, by innovating product features such as the first AI smartphone in 2016, and also maintaining the highest standards on cutting edge product design and by exploring the endless possibilities of technology and aesthetics.

With the fast changing world and the youth generation, HONOR has also moved forward to the next era. Our new mission is to create an intelligent new world that belongs to young people. With the new face of moving colors, HONOR expresses the bright, colorful, dynamic, diverse elements of life. In line with its new slogan ‘HONOR my world’, HONOR is building a youth community through not only connecting technology, but also the value we shared with today’s youth, the individuality to be the master of their own destiny and the good will to make the world a better place, so we can all be a part of the world’s community empowered by connected technology.