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EDGII is a diversified affordable luxury fashion brand from Sydney, Australia. Our visionary founders and dedicated design team have fully incorporated both elements of creativity and innovation into EDGII products. The brand encompasses multifaceted creative directions such as the usage of colour, art, design, craftsmanship, space and culture. Combining the aesthetic sensibility and functionality, EDGII has become a fully-fledged iconic brand, especially known for its down jackets and parkas.

EDGII prioritises the development of functional fabrics for winter and has high standards for detail and pattern cutting. The brand has been particularly enthusiastic about the exploration of colours ever since our establishment. We have also created a solid relationship and collaboration with artists around the world and incorporated these new perspectives into our design. Through our design we aim to encourage new generations of young people to be creative and to discover their own individual ‘label’ and sense of style.

EDGII’s first Australian flagship store is located on Oxford Street, Paddington in the heart of Sydney. The area is known for a variety of unique and stylish boutiques in Sydney, home to many of the world’s top apparel brands.Not only is Paddington a famous leisure spot for relaxation, but also considered a headquarter of many Sydney fashionistas. Many designers, artists and creatives work in Paddington. Thus, this area never fails to provide the energy and fascination that has pioneered many Australian fashion trends.